During my visit to EuroSHOP 2020 in Dusseldorf, Germany, in Hall nr.10 – Visual Merchandising, I visited stand F60 by Swarm Ltd. company and found this product:

Digital portals to customer loyalty. Folio//mirrors is a range of interactive mirrors which actively encourage participation with your brand and reward your customer for their loyalty. Available in standard sizes and customized configurations of shape, size, and software.

Folio Mirror Brochure

Download PDF

In this post, let us focus on selfie and loyalty folio//mirrors that would be most appropriate for sportswear stores.

The standard unit is H:180cm x W:80cm I have enclosed a GA of the unit with the printer as a separate stand-alone unit. The size unit is mostly used for their selfie and loyalty mirror. They ship the units pre-loaded with all branded content ready to plug and play. You just need to provide power and an Internet connection.

The basic software function of the folio//selfie unit is to provide some customer engagement in return for email and contact details of your customer.

The folio//loyalty unit has face recognition which enables you to provide a more personal service to your customer, offering them discount codes, access to VIP activations, or reward schemes.

Both units can be configured to interface with existing POS and loyalty systems and also they can provide peripheral devices (for example RFID, barcode, and scanning devices).

180x80 Mirror+Printer GA

Download PDF

Folio//Mirrors is the product of Swarm Group. More information you can find on the official presentations.

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